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The Brittany Byrd Coming Out Party By Snobette x MOSES

You can credit Brittany Byrd’s initial brush with fame to her relationship with Philly rapper Lil Uzi Vert, in particular her appearance as the Bonnie to his Clyde in his “Money Longer” video from earlier this summer.

But what’s kept Byrd in the conversation is what she herself brings to the table. Charismatic and rock-star-ish [read more]

K-Swiss And Married To The Mob Debut Pink Camo Collabo At Complexcon 2017

K-Swiss and Married to the Mob debuted their full collaborative collection at ComplexCon, a millennial pink collection that includes tops accessories and a pink camo Aero Trainer and coach’s jacket. The brand’s campaign was fronted by Brooklyn rapper Leikeli47.

The roll out was accompanied by a live broadcast of Married to the Mob designer [read more]

How Sneaker Culture Undercut And Undervalued Women’s Streetwear Labels

This week WWD delved into the topic of whether there’s room for growth in streetwear through the women’s category. The article included interviews with Married to the Mob Leah McSweeney as well as Kith Women creative director Emily Oberg, Bobby Kim of The Hundreds, Karmaloop founder, Greg Selko, all solid authorities on the topic at [read more]