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Urban & Juicy Couture Are Bringing Back The Iconic Tracksuit With An Assist From Tinashe

With Juicy Couture and the label’s iconic velour tracksuits back on trend, Urban Outftters and Juicy Couture have announced plans to release an exclusive collection. Once worn by pop culture icons including Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé, the chain tapped R&B singer Tinashe to front the campaign, which includes a lookbook shot by Petra [read more]

Levi’s Denim Collection Autumn 2015

Levi’s showcased its women’s silhouettes for Autumn 2015 at an event held last night in lower  Manhattan that featured a Petra Collins shot photography exhibit and a performance by Lion Babe, which was definitely a highlight of the evening (watch some video below). Attendees included Joan Jett, Erin Wasson, Marloes Horst, Petra Collins, Tali Lennox, [read more]