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Frédérique Olthuis Nail Art

Amsterdam-based Frédérique Olthuis has been creating nail art since 2012. As the founder of nail art studio Trash &Ready she caught our eye with  linear and geographic designs  that extend from the nails unto the hands creating mehndi-like patterns. The studio describes its designs as “what’s in the now and applies it straight onto your [read more]

Nails By Mei Chilled Out Summer Nail Art

Nail artist Mei Kawajiri arrived in New York from Japan in 2012, and quickly became a sought after nail artists. One of her recent designs featured here, a white manicure adorned with fun, hand-painted reminders of summer like ice cream, pineapples, and even chill pills, reflects a fun and playful take on fashion and beauty, [read more]

This Is Prima ‘Fishnet’ Nail Art

While there might have been a higher time for nail art, the process of women adorning their nails with more than a simple coat of nail polish will never disappear. What has changed are  the designs. Initially bright and colorful wee see a trend in  nail art being muted monochromatic where the play of shapes [read more]