Emily Oberg Talks About Fitness As A Key To A Happy Life

Nike NYC has rolled out a new video and images, part of its “Air City” campaign, a women’s effort promoting creativity and wellness as  realized through the perspective of six, New York-based female creatives.

This time the spotlight is on Kith Women’s head creative, Emily Oberg, who also produces a fitness-themed video series titled “Get Sweaty” for Complex.

In the video, Oberg discussed the importance of a fitness routine as it relates to mental health. “I’m the happiest and feeling my best when I make the time to be active,” said Oberg, who added that carving out work out time in New York is especially important because of how obsessed everyone is with working. “You are the most important thing; it’s not your work, it’s not your relationships, it’s not your friendships or money, it’s you and how you feel on a spiritual and emotional level,” she added.

Check out some image of Oberg plus a clip from her video below. Visit nike.com/nyc for more info.

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