Chloë Sevigny Doesn’t Do Selfies And Is Confused By Millennials

Chloë Sevigny will always be a fave for us, combining as she does a true eye for style along with a unwillingness to not play along with Hollywood’s rules around how a starlet is supposed to look and act. It’s a stubborn sort of sass that has kept her out of marque projects, but at the same time has been responsible for her staying power.

Net-A-Porter interviewed and shot Sevigny in its latest issue of The Edit, as as usual she provided a lot of great quotes about style, the industry and pop culture trends.

When last Sevingy popped up on our radar, she was moving out of her Brooklyn apartment, and according to the article, she and her beau, Ricky Saiz, a designer for Supreme, are at the moment staying with Natasha Lyonne whil looking for a home in Greenwich.

Finding a new home probably isn’t at the top of her list given she has six films out this year, including The Snowman, with Michael Fassbender; Look Away, with Matthew Broderick; and Lean on Pete, with Steve Buscemi. She also directed a short film as part of Miu Miu’s “Women’s Tales” initiative. First up is The Dinner with Richard Gere that premieres on May 5, 2017

Check out some quotes from the story below.

What labels she’s into at the moment: “[I’m] “really into Courrèges, all that vinyl. I’m always on the quest for the perfect kilt skirt and the perfect pair of jeans. I think every woman is.”

On launching a label: “But I would never launch my own label. It’s too much work.”

On selfies: “I’m 42 and I’m already famous. Why would I self-promote myself like that? It’s disgusting,”

On millennials: “I’m very confused by millennials. When I was a teenager, your wardrobe identified who you were. There aren’t any tribes anymore; just teenagers dressing as one.”

On the current era of condemnation: “[It’s] a culture of darkness, where everybody is a critic. Susan Sarandon and Katy Perry get shit from liberals and conservatives. And I’m horrified at the insults that Lena Dunham has to put up with.”

How she deal’s with Instagram haters: “I go onto their profile, after they have said something mean, and I like a picture. It humanizes me. And I’ve actually had people then apologize for what they said.”

On landing a role in a blockbuster: “I’d love to be part of a movie that made a big impact. I compromised, once, to get a paycheck to help my mom with a mortgage. But I’ve been able to maintain [my integrity].”

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