Fat Free Art Gallery Bigs Up Female Street Artists In ‘Fem-Is-In’ Exhibit

This week, Manhattan’s Fat Free Art gallery opened a very dope “Fem-Is-In” exhibit, a collection of paintings, photography, collage, and typography by female painters and photographers, as curated by mural artist Alice Mizrachi.

The show includes work by Mizrachi along with Diana McClure, Gilf, Jane Dickson, Janette Beckman, Lady Pink, Martha Cooper, Queen Andrea and Swoon, all of whom have worked rooted in street art.

As reflected in the title, the exhibit is also underpinned by the artists’ shared belief in and ongoing fight for equal access, not a small point of inspiration in street art, a genre known for being particularly female-unfriendly. “The exhibition title references the currently popular wave of woman-led activism, as well as women who have been steadily claiming their own ground for centuries, sometimes alone and sometimes collectively,” reads press on the event.

The “Fem-Is-In” exhibit opened on March 16th and is now open to the public. Fat Free Art is located at 102 Allen Street in Manhattan. Visit the gallery’s site for more info on the artists along with hours.

Check out some of our images from opening night below.

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