Alessandro Michelle’s Vision Of Gucci Comes Into Full Bloom In An Alchemist Garden

Today with Gucci’s fall 2017 presentation in Milan, we saw designer Alessandro Michelle’s magical vision for the label come into full bloom (literally) with the showing of the label’s first unified men’s and women’s show.

Described as an alchemist garden, it was full of the magical and fanciful details the designer has become known and loved for. “I was thinking about an alchemist’s garden, I was concentrated on color and prints, and looking at many books of flowers and animals,” said Michele on the collection.

As revealed through the futuristic set and the vintage vinyl album upon which current day artists recited poems of days gone by, it was also a commentary on the seamless nature of time, with the artistry and influences of the past blending effortless and fluidly with the future.

Important items associated with the show:

  • Invitations were sent in the form of a vinyl album whose cover was designed by Spanish born and London-based photographer Coco Capitain.
  • The album contained  Florence Welch’s reciting poems from William Blake’s book Songs of Innocence and Experience, which was part of the spring 2017 runway soundtrack, as well as A$AP Rocky reading from Jane Austen’s Persuasion.
  • The show was the first held in Gucci’s new headquarters with a set that featured a “pyramid at the center of a Plexiglas tunneled runway crowned with a weather vane in the shape of a rooster.”
  • The tracks by Florence Welch and A$AP Rocky were available on the Gucci app, following the show.
  • A Gucci logo t-shirt was overlaid with writing by Coco Capitain.
  • The bags carried by models on the runway included Jane Austen novels.

On Twitter, the label called attention to a dozen highlights from the show, which we have reproduced below. We’ve reproduced the tweets below starting with the first and ending with the last, along with Gucci’s description in the caption (with some minor modifications related to style).

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