Chantel Jeffries Under Fire For Forever 21 Knock-Off Hoodie

Yikes! Model Chantel Jeffries last night on Instagram posted up an image of herself, as per always, looking done up and flawlessly pretty. Jeffries was also wearing a white hoodie detailed with the graphic “smart & pretty,” which she co-signed with a caption that read “tru.”

Probably Jeffries didn’t realize the hoodie is an established Forever 21 take down of streetwear label Sporty & Rich, helmed by Complex news anchor Emily Oberg, who pointed out the thievery in an Instagram post a couple months ago. Fans of the real label went in on Jeffries for wearing the fake copy and also tagged Oberg. Side note: Jeffries is also holding an actual Moschino pill bottle iPhone case.

When @forever21 copies you ❤️

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Jeffries shrugged it off and followed with another image wearing the same hoodie with the caption, “You in your feelings on the Gram .. grow up.”

Oberg herself took the high rode and told her fans via Tweet that the issue wasn’t about Jeffries, “Guys stop being mean! It’s not her fault my beef was only ever with @Forever21 chill plsssss 💖”

Check out Jeffries Instagram posts below followed by Oberg’s Tweets. 


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You in your feelings on the Gram .. grow up

A photo posted by CeeJay The Dj💽 Or Chantz (@chanteljeffries) on

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