Rihanna As A Modern Day Marie Antoinette

Rihanna has played cover muse for many an editor and for CR Fashion Book, she receives the royal treatment. Editor Carine has reconfigured Rihanna as nobility, no less than the highly controversial Marie Antoinette, the French queen wrongly credited with vapidly stating about the poor who had no bread, “Let them eat cake. According to the article:

“Looking at the life and times of Marie Antoinette, we begin to see parallels between her and the female celebrities of today. Who besides our modern pop stars are followed with more obsession and desire? Rihanna is beloved while Marie Antoinette was not, but she shares with the Queen an unapologetic attitude that inspires and fascinates. She says what she wants, smokes what she wants, and wears what she wants, making her an icon of authenticity in an era of calculated, pre-baked fame.”

Read more from the cover story at CR Fashion Book.

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