Jefferey Campbell’s Copy Of Alex’s Copy

Well this is strange…tonight people are upset with Jeffrey Campbell because he showed a Chinese slipper in his spring 2016 lookbook (shown above and not yet available at retail), which, okay, we get it, they look like almost exact copies of the actual cheap-o slippers commonly sold in neighborhood discount stores. Outrageous!

But here’s the funny part, Campbell’s shoe was no doubt inspired by the slipper Alexander Wang showed for his final collection for Balenciaga. When Wang presented back in September, fashion watchers were equally miffed by the slipper (shown by a storied luxury house no less!) However, while Wang decided it would be cute to go out like that, it looks like Balenciaga has removed the shoe from its spring lookbook and as of yet, it hasn’t showed up at retail. Take that, Alex!

Like Yogi Berra says, it’s deja vu all over again. That said, please forgive us for taking a pass on being bothered by slipper-gate. Especially since Campbell is  nobody’s dummy and we have a hunch that after seeing how people responded to Wang’s version, he concluded he, too, could design the same “shoe” and also stir up some buzz and chatter. And then, too, if he does produce the shoe, how much you wanna bet it sells out with a quickness? It’s like, we just can’t.

P.S. If all this talk of slippers is making you want a pair, currently you can purchase an “authentic” pair on Ebay for $6.99 a pop.



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