Real Cholas Critique Celebs Wearing Chola-Inspired Fashion

The Latino-themed MiTú media platform has a humorous video series dedicated to cholas’ take on various items and topics. (Note: we don’t think it’s cool to throw around the word “chola” casually to describe a fashion look, etc. It’s one of those words we view as okay for the members of the culture to use, but not outsiders like us.) This week “real cholas” are tasked with critiquing celebs who have borrowed (or appropriated depending on your viewpoint) the look to make an edgy fashion statement. According to the article:

“In the ’90s everyone was looking down on the dark liner, bold brows and hoop earrings. But guess who’s the hot sh*t now? Cholas. It’s cute how celebrities are now trying to imitate the iconic style. But girls please ✋, you’ve got it all wrong. Trust – it takes one to know one. These authentic cholas shoot down the imitation and let us know who did get it right.”

The critiques are hilarious with Nicki Minaj and Rihanna both receiving failing grades, and Jennifer Lopez the only one receiving “the chola stamp of approval”: “That’s Jenny from the block!”

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