Buscemi Women’s Alta

Luxury sneaker designer John Buscemi finally launches a silhouette for women, the 100mm Alta, featuring a hidden wedge. It’s a significant shoe not only because it  is made specifically for women and beautifully designed, it’s also probably the only true luxury sneaker offering available for women, with Riccardo Tisci x Nike the only other one we can think of that is both lux and includes female sizing. Yes, Giusseppe and Celine offer sneakers but those are made more for the fashion girl who wants to add a pair of kicks to her wardrobe. The difference is that this a sneaker of the culture and in that respect it’s a game changer.  Available in white, red and black, the shoe features all the details Buscemi is known for including hand-painted edges, signature heel handles and gold plated hardware featuring a three-piece mechanical closure and lock. Available for purchase here.

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