The Snobette Editorial By Moses

Stylist friend of The Snobette, Moses Moreno and his team ( Mitchel Brumsted & Valentine Malone) put together a fashion editorial inspired by The Snobette. Set in New York City, the shoot reflects the effortlessness of the woman of style aka “The Snobette,” which we define as the following:

The Snobette is rooted in a vision of style as the ultimate personal expression. In its most liberated form it is a joy-filled testament to the inner beauty and creativity we all possess. Up from city streets, in the most exclusive cafes, on the world’s many brightly lit stages, we believe statement fashion knows no class, boundaries or limits. Our goal always is to celebrate those creative line steppers, the risk takers who elevate the game and in doing so provide a vision of optimism and limitless possibilities.

Hair by Ryan Mitchell, makeup by Stoj of Next Artists. Clothing credits are listed on each look!


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